What’s up weirdos? My name is Saga Star and welcome to this blog. Today I would like to talk about some drama happening in my school. So, basically, a guy confessed to me. Yup, I didn’t see it coming either. The thing is, him and I, (let’s call him Nathan) became super close friends at the end of the year. It was me, Nathan, and his best friend (including mine), Nan. We hung out together, played games together, talked during recess- you know, those kinds of things. But then, on the fateful day I got the letter, everything changed. 

When I got the letter, it was last period on the last day of school. Me, Nan and Nathan were in music, talking. The entire period Nan was trying to get us to hold hands and telling us how much she shipped us. Then she told me at the end of the period she had something to give me. So I met her at her desk like she asked and she handed me the book. The story most fitting to our own: The Hunger Games. I cracked the book open at my desk and discovered a letter inside. I unfolded it and began to read. 

“Although we’re not meant to be, I love every single moment I’m with you. I do like you. We’re going to see each other for a long time so I wanted you to know how I feel. Stay safe during the summer and… I love you.

*rose he drew* *Yup, he drew an effing rose*

You make me will always be in my heart. And here is a book for you to love like I love you.”

Yeah… I had the same reaction. HOW THE HELL AM I SUPPOSED TO REACT TO THAT?!? 


First Blog

What’s up, weirdos? My name is Saga Star, someone who you will learn about later. Anyway, yes, that’s not my real name. It’s one of my personas, someone who I pretend to be, because, let’s be real, our emotions are just so jumbled and everyone feels like they are different people at some point. 

The reason I’m making this blog is because I want to be able to talk and express myself and all of my weirdness to people. So, go ahead, call me a freak, call me a a weirdo. I happen to take that as a compliment, so have fun.

Signing off,

Saga Star